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Dear Wren Friends,

It's summer and we're enjoying Tiger Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and craft shows! Weil's Dairy Farm in Goodrich will have fresh picked sweet corn soon, so we know that summer is truly here. (Can't wait...best corn around.)

The girls just went to mission camp. They really enjoyed serving so many people and sharing the love of Jesus. It is always a great week for them. Riley is now headed to a camp for special needs children. She is really looking forward to flying for the first time and serving children. Jadyn is heading off to band camp. She is in marching band this year. It is always a fun and tiring week for her.

Bob went back to Arkansas for two weeks for work. This time no snakes, but they told him the mosquitos were going to be so big that they would eat the snakes! It was hot, hot, and hotter. He enjoys the work, people, and challenges.

Mom turned 94 on July 16th. Peggy and Mom spent the day at the Flint and Davison Farmer's markets and enjoyed a relaxing lunch. It was a fun and relaxing day.

Well, everyone is back home now and working on new creations which will be on display at this week's show. We hope to see you in Frankenmuth for this fun weekend. It is a great city to spend the day or weekend.

We'll let you know shortly about our home show or shows!

Our 2018 craft show schedule has posted to the Events page. Please note that we will miss SVSU Keepsake Show October 6 - it is Homecoming Dance and both girls will be attending this year. How exciting for them. We are sorry for any inconvenience to our Wren Friends. We will let you know about our home show as soon as possible.

See you in Frankenmuth this weekend!

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Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley and Jadyn
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